Policy Background


In the framework of the European Energy Union and the EU 2020 (reindustrialisation) strategy, the government of Hungary has declared its ambition to make the country the regional champion of a new and complex industry, namely the electric mobility


In the recent years, this policy has been shaped by the following factors:

  1. The common climate and energy framework of the European Union with special emphasis on decarbonisation
  2. Sustainable urban mobility and road transport with special emphasis on developing low and zero-emission vehicles
  3. The common trend toward the low-carbon European economy
  4. The common EU trend of reindustrialisation and job creation


In early 2014 the work was started under the aegis of the Ministry of National Economy to provide a consistent national e-mobility strategy. The ministry focused on providing a broad framework for establishing the priorities, thus – as a public consulting and agenda-setting organisation – the “Ányos Jedlik Cluster” was set up and a development programme, the “Ányos Jedlik Plan” was announced. (Both are named after an outstanding 19th century Hungarian scientist who invented an electric motor. In the further text we refer to this body using the Hungarian abbreviation “JAK”, and the plan is known in its short form as “JAT”.)


JAK, as a cluster organisation, has attracted most of the relevant stakeholders, including OEMs producing electric vehicles, energy companies, research and academic institutions, transport organisers, interested municipal authorities and some other umbrella organisations. Its working groups have elaborated proposals for the government to launch the much anticipated “Ányos Jedlik Plan” (JAT – Hungarian E-Mobility Strategy). In order to that, the proposals of JAK were accepted by the ministry as a e-mobility action plan for the government to provide – first of all – a coherent set of incentives. The “Ányos Jedlik Action Plan” was approved by the Government in July, 2015.

(For a bio of the scientist in whose honour the Cluster was named, see in English: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%81nyos_Jedlik )